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What We Do

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Our inclusive classes enable everyone (including D/deaf, Disabled &/Neurodivergent individuals) to do just that!

We offer specialised, inclusive opportunities to dance, for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Our classes are specifically tailored to suit those from a wide selection of marginalised groups, who

may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the benefits of dance.


We cover both the creative and technical aspects of movement, in a variety of styles and genres.


Our aim is to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing for all of our participants. We achieve

this by focusing on multiple skill sets, which in turn also vastly improve the future life prospects of our dancers.

At Ability School of Dance, it is important that we treat everyone as an individual, never underestimate their abilities and meet them ‘where they’re at’, each and every class.

We use clear language to give instructions, encourage development of sensorimotor skills, co-ordination,  confidence, self-esteem and a sense of empowerment.

We come to class with no expectations, so that it is a safe place for individuals to be themselves, without judgement. We hope participants will benefit from a sense of belonging, building peer relationships and by learning ways to express themselves outside of class and to regulate their emotions when the world becomes overwhelming.

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